Earlier this year, I officially started my endeavour into the next musical phase - to get a fresh perspective I decided to clear my head / work space of most things related to the VOWS era - but in doing so I stumbled across some interesting demos,  remixes that I had made of my own songs plus some covers I had done of other songs I liked during the making of my first album. Instead of letting them collect dust in my iTunes I thought if would be nice to share some of these moments with you before I leave this part of my life behind and move into all new music. These are not official releases of any sort, they are ruff sketches literally pulled from an old laptop hard drive, not from mastering studios… this is just a way for me to give you a little more insight into my processes & the world of VOWS before I say goodbye to it all.

So to begin with, here is something I put together a couple of years ago just for fun. It’s a take on ‘Settle Down’ deconsructed & rearranged by myself using only stems from the track and a drum sample from Electric Wire Hustle (my awesome friends from NZ who you should all check out! : (www.electricwirehustle.com). 

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